Priority Rescue is our high-performance website recovery package.

By giving us access to your hosting and editing accounts we can jump in under the hood, fix the critical errors and get you back online again.

Once you are operation again, we will draw on our years of website marketing experience to help you maximise your websites performance and reduce the time you spend in pit lane

Lets get going...

  • Your Site Access

  • In order to provide a 24-hour rescue service, we require correct access to the hosting and editing of your site.
    Although every effort will be made to recover your site in the fastest possible time, there are factors outside of our control that may not make this possible. Please ensure that the following information is correct in order to ensure the fastest result.
  • Your website hosting...

  • We need these details to access your site and expedite your recovery
  • Your website editing access...

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  • MasterCard
    Supported Credit Cards: MasterCard, Visa

Why is my site broken?

There are many independent components that work together to deliver you a stable and secure website.

  • Your domain name.
  • Your website hosting.
  • The hardware and software that your hosting uses.
  • The website’s platform or code.
  • The database that holds all of your content.
  • Your website’s security.
  • eCommerce and banking gateways.

These need to be kept updated, secure and maintain a seamless connection with each other at all times.

When something goes wrong Webticky’s team of specialist website technicians specialists at getting you back online most ricky tick.