Become an industry authority through…

Discussion forums

[nectar_text_inline_images image_size=”medium” image_effect=”none” image_loading=”default”]A forum is a great place to support your growing community of followers, customers and advocates.  It allows you to crowdsource your content while demonstrating your expertise and authority on subjects related to your industry. People come to your forum to share ideas, discuss issues, learn and grow.

Popular forums can become places where experts who don’t even work for your company can jump in and combine forces with your customer service team to create a valuable resource and fast responding resource for your fellowship. The discussions become high-value SEO content and you expand your influence within your industry[/nectar_text_inline_images]

Collecting ideas and responding to needs

[nectar_text_inline_images image_size=”medium” image_effect=”none” image_loading=”default”]By encouraging your online community to engage in discussion, swap ideas[/nectar_text_inline_images]